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AJ Hackett Bungy - Live More. Fear Less - Bungy Jump, Swing, Zipride Or Climb At Any Of Our Kawarau, Nevis, The Ledge Or Auckland Locations - Book Now In the 1980's, a couple of young kiwis, AJ Hackett (opens in new window) and Henry van Asch, set up New Zealand's first commercial bungy jumping operation, with a jump from the historic Kawarau Bridge (opens in new window) near Queenstown. Since then, New Zealand has become the home of bungy, with numerous other operators starting up. All over the country you can leap from bridges (opens in.

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The Nevis Bungy is the biggest in New Zealand and, what is more, the third highest bungy jump in the world. The platform itself is 134m above the Nevis Canyon floor. That's three times the height of the Statue of Liberty. Casting yourself into the void at this height might strike many as complete lunacy, and it is Hanmer Springs Bungy Jump As the lowest bungy in New Zealand, it's best to just tell people at home that you did a bungy jump don't go into details Nevertheless, the Hanmer Springs Bungy from a historic bridge in an alpine river valley setting is a pretty stunning jumping location Combine the 134m Nevis highwire bungy, the highest bungy jump in New Zealand, with the world biggest swing, 120m above the nevis valley in Queenstown The Nevis Bungee is the tallest Bungee jump in New Zealand and the third-highest bungee in the world. Well, that can give you a fair idea about the sheer monstrosity of this giant. The platform of Nevis Bungee is at a height of one hundred and thirty-four meters above the floor of the Nevis Canyon

Invented in New Zealand, the bungy jump has got to be the biggest adrenaline activity. You can jump where it all started in Queenstown or in other locations across NZ. Go for the highest jump or choose a unique location at night over Queenstown or off the Auckland Harbour Bridge. Make sure you get some photos to show to friends and family back home Want to conquer the bungy jumps in the land where they all began? All over New Zealand you can jump from bridges, climbs, rail viaducts, and more

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  1. Bewertung zu: Das Original Kawarau Bridge Bungy Jump in Queenstown Ein Bungy-Jump stand von Anfang an auf der To-Do-List für den Aufenthalt in Neuseeland. Es stellte sich also nurnoch die Frage, welcher es denn sein soll. Wir haben uns letztendlich für den Sprung von der 43 Meter hohen Kawarau Bridge bei Queenstown entschieden
  2. The Kawarau Bridge Bungy Is The Home Of Bungy Jumping. Leap 43m From The Historic Kawarau Bridge. Tandem & Water Touch Bungy Options Available. Book Now
  3. - Nevis Bungee in New Zealand- New Zealand's highest bungee - 134 m.- AJ Hacket
  4. In comparison, AJ's tallest bungy jump in New Zealand is the Nevis Bungy, located outside of Queenstown. Almost 3 times as high as Kawarau, the Nevis bungy is 134 meters (440 ft.) tall and boasts an 8.5 second freefall. I got palpitations just watching the video on the website
  5. For the longest time, I was convinced that New Zealand was the home of the bungy jump {and still kind of am at heart, if I'm honest}, but, it turns out, the first modern bungy jump was help in Bristol, England in 1979. The idea came from a ritual known as land diving that originated in Vanuatu
  6. Located at the top of the Skyline Gondola, this freestyle Bungy site will blow you away as you jump into the dark 400 meters above Queenstown and this built jump pod is designed to give the maximum rush. Unlike any other Bungy sites, the Ledge Bungy's special harness allows you to execute your jump styles

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New Zealand is known for bungee jumping and skydiving activities as they have the postcard-perfect scenery that comes with it — and since it's an experienced industry, you have a variety to choose from (such as a package that includes a recorded video of your skydiving experience).. The difference between skydiving and bungee jumping is what you're jumping off — you jump from an. Taupo Bungy is NZ's only cliff top bungy. Jump solo or tandem over the crystal waters of the Waikato River with a water touch option for the brave AJ Hackett Bungy is the world pioneer of commercial Bungy Jumping. It all started in Queenstown, New Zealand in 1988, and since then they have become an established World Leader in the Tourism Industry

Not only is Queenstown ground-zero for commercial bungy jumping, it's home to the best bungy jumps and swings in New Zealand and around the world. After making international headlines by bungy jumping from the Eiffel Tower in 1987, AJ Hackett and business partner Henry van Asch launched the world's first bungy business here in Queenstown on the historic Kawarau Bridge. Since then. New Zealand's highest bungy jump; Operated by AJ Hackett, the company that invented commercial bungy jumping; Over 2 million global bungy jumps; Jump pod suspended by a high wire 134 metres above the valley; Bookings essential as it can be booked up weeks in advance *** FOR AVAILABLE ADRENALINE ACTIVITIES PLEASE REFER TO OUR COMBO PAGE*** Description. Think you're a daredevil? We challenge.

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  2. Bungy Jumping - Hanmer Springs - Starting from $413.00 per person. At 35 metres high the Hanmer Springs Bungy Jump is prefect for those customers who don't want to do a high Bungy Jump - maybe first timers or those who are older or younger. The jetboat picks you up at the bottom after your jump and transports you safely back to shore. Your.
  3. Alan John A.J. Hackett ONZM (born May 1958) is a New Zealand entrepreneur who popularised the extreme sport of bungy jumping. He made a bungy jump from the Eiffel Tower in 1987 and founded the first commercial bungy site in 1988. Early life. Hackett was born in Pukekohe, and grew up on Auckland's North Shore. He attended Westlake Boys High School between 1972 and 1974, where he played rugby.
  4. 3) Hanmer Springs Bungee Although a jump of just thirty-four meters makes Hanmer Springs Bungee the least high site for bungee jumping in New Zealand, it still definitely delivers a chilling experience. The leap is made from the historic Ferry bridge which has been there for more than one hundred and thirty-five years

Well, in New Zealand, world renowned home of bungy, you probably would. One of human kind's stranger inventions, the bungy (also spelt bungee) is both crazy and unfathomably alluring. Peer over your feet, ask yourself again who's idea this was, swallow your fear and take a leap of faith. Plummet, bounce, and then swing in relieved ecstasy A rigorous safety code of practice is followed in New Zealand so bungy jumping is a relatively safe adventure sport here. Queenstown is now a mecca for bungy jumpers while a number of other locations throughout New Zealand have successful bungy operations. Jump prices range from $20 to $220, which usually includes a T-shirt and Certificate Bungy jumping off the Kawarau bridge is a great way to get your adrenaline pumping and push your boundaries. New Zealand is a great place to do it because of the beautiful landscapes and you feel safe knowing that these were the guys that invented bungy jumping! MORE INFORMATION . Location: Kawarau Bridge, Queenstown, New Zealand. Price: 195 NZD (147 USD) Useful Notes: Remember to look into. New Zealand was brought to the forefront of adventure sport when in 1888 AJ Hackett opened the first commercial bungy jump from the Kawarau Bridge, 43 metres (141 feet), over the Kawarau river. Today, a bungy jump off the Kawarau Bridge will cost NZ $150 Best Bungy jumps in New Zealand. There are so many awesome bungy jumping locations throughout New Zealand. Some of the best bungy jumps on the North Island include the Velocity Valley Bungy in Rotorua - as mentioned above, the Auckland Harbour Bridge - with spectacular panoramic views of the city, marina and harbour. And Taupo, where you can bungy jump from a cantilever platform perched on.

While on our trip, we did a little bit of research and found Queenstown, New Zealand is widely seen as the bungy jump (also known as bungee jump) capital of New Zealand. Unfortunately, we did not have time to make it all the way to the South Island. Lucky for us, we quickly learned Taupo, New Zealand is a great alternative on the North Island New Zealand's top 5 bungy jumps and why everyone else is getting it wrong. New Zealand has an addiction for doing things that aren't very sensible. In fact, some things like bungy jumping are. SkyJump and SkyWalk are based in the Auckland Sky Tower, the tallest building in New Zealand. Hop on public transport, take an Uber, or drive yourself. Parking is located in the SkyCity building on the corner of Federal and Victoria Streets Nevis Bungy Jump in New Zealand At 134 meters, this is the highest jump experience in New Zealand, and the third highest in the entire world. Often referred to as the birthplace of bungee jumping, this is one location you cannot miss once you get bitten by the bungee bug

We challenge you to try the highest Bungy in New Zealand. At 134 metres above the raging waters of the Nevis River in Queenstown, this jump is not for the faint of heart. Make a 35 minute journey that includes a ride in a 4 wheel drive and requires crossing a sheep station in the high country to get to the Bungy site Bookme New Zealand; Peterpans New Zealand; or you can book from many of the travel/tour agent offices in Queenstown downtown. Is it worth doing Bungy here? Yes, certainly! It is among the must-do thing here as it is the first country where bungy jumping started. Nevis Bungy is the highest Bungy in New Zealand and is among the world's best.

The Kawarau Bridge Bungy jump - 43m high is a great teaser to the Nevis. I had done the Bridge Bungy a few years beforehand (my first EVER Bungy Jump) so decided to go for something a little more thrilling. The Ledge Bungy is a new style Bungy in Queenstown AJ Hackett Bungy Experiences - SkyJump Jump from New Zealand's highest building with nothing but a wire between you and the ground 192m (629ft) down

What: Jumping the 134m Nevis Bungy in New Zealand as part of a G Adventures 15-day South Island tour. Where: Accommodation on the tour includes 14 nights in simple hotels and hostels including a farmstay and a night at a former jailhouse. Some lodgings had shared bathrooms and bunk-style beds. If you are a couple, highlight this at the time of booking so you can have a double bed where. It's here where New Zealand entrepreneur Alan John A. J. Hackett made a 233-meter jump earning him a Guinness world record as the highest commercial bungee jump in 2007. If you think you are. The Auckland Harbour Bridge bungy jump is New Zealand's only ocean-touch bungy jump. On this tour, enjoy incredible views over Waitemata Harbour and downtown Auckland, and then jump from a height of 131 feet (40 meters) and experience an unforgettable adrenaline rush on the lightning-fast descent

New Zealand is filled with countless adventures for adventure junkies, but nothing is as popular as bunjy Jumping in New Zealand. And nowhere on earth has so many places to bungee jump as New Zealand. Regardless of how you spell it, nowhere on earth is as exciting to jump as it is in New Zealand. So let's get started! Where Bungee Jump New. Go bungy jumping in New Zealand from the Kawarau Gorge Suspension Bridge, the original site of the Queenstown bungy jump. Experience the ultimate Queenstown challenge, transforming from nervous to elated as you plunge 141 feet (43 meters). Choose from a variety of options, including a water touch or full immersion in the gorgeous Kawarau River. It may just be the best thing you've ever done.

Bungy jump at Waitemata Harbour (Auckland Harbour) New Zealand's only ocean touch Equipped to offer every bungy option - so you can have ankle tie, harness jump or tandem! Exclusive access to Auckland Harbour Bridg Auckland bungy jumping directory, New Zealand. If you are looking for an extreme jumping experience, then bungy jumping in Auckland is for you! Auckland bungy jumping offers a truly adrenalin pumping adventure experience, where you will be tied by a bungy cord and leap off a high platform. Bunjyjump off a bridge or other platform and experience a thrill you will not soon forget in Auckland. The New Zealand Bungy Bible - All The Jumps Compared Sunday, October 12th, 2014. The Bungee Jump, or Bungy as it's known in New Zealand, was pioneered (illegally) by the Oxford University Dangerous Sports Club in the late-1970's. However, Kiwi entrepreneur Alan John AJ Hackett can certainly take credit for establishing the sport as a global tourist attraction. Just a few months. AJ Hackett Bungy - Nevis Bungy. Welcome to the best thing you've ever done. Go full throttle with our 134m Bungy (the highest in New Zealand). Free fall for 8.5 seconds in a blitz of pure fear and adrenaline. Don't say we didn't warn you, because this will definitely put the cement in your coffee. Hot Deal; $192Save $83.00; 30%Discount. The North Island of New Zealand has several commercial bungee (or bungy) jumping operations in a variety of locations. Here is a list of the licensed operators and what you can expect from a jump. 01 of 05 Auckland Sky Tower Sky Jump

The Queenstown Skippers Canyon Bridge Bungy is kept operational by the AJ. Hackett Company specifically for special events and corporate conferences. One popular event is a 'Full Moon Bungy' available for group bookings, where up to 40 people can enter into the canyon for a midnight jump Bungee jumping. There's a reason New Zealand is considered the home of bungee jumping. OK, so adventurous types elsewhere in the world may have been testing gravity while tied to an elastic rope (or even vines!) for many years, but New Zealand entrepreneurs AJ Hackett and Henry van Asch were the first to commercialise bungee jumping when they 'launched' Kawarau Bridge Bungy near Queenstown in. Bungee jumping and white water rafting are two of the most thrilling adventure tourism activities in New Zealand. This tour package offers the chance to try both in just one day in the beautiful surrounds of Turangi and Taupo. After jumping from one of the highest bungee platforms in New Zealand, visitors enjoy an exhilarating rafting experience through pristine wilderness only accessible by boat

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Bungy jumping New Zealand. Ankles lashed together I shuffle to the edge. The sun shines bright and warm, a soft breeze caresses my cheek. Below me 340ft and 102m are the blue-grey waters of the Shotover river. I wake early on a crisp, clear February morning on the South Island New Zealand. I've spent the last seven days onboard the Kiwi Experience bus on the Southern Roundup route that's. The full body harness allows you to run, jump, twist, flip and spin off the Ledge. Choose from the Jump Menu, such as Superman-style, Matrix, or Flying Squirrel. Easy to walk to from the centre of town you will get simply epic views as you look across the whole of Queenstown.SAFETY COMES FIRST - ALWAYS The Bungy originals, we've been doing this stuff for 30 years and our crew is the most. New Zealand, I decided, would be the perfect place to take my first plunge. And Queenstown, the adventure capital of the world, was where I would do it. Queenstown, New Zealand - the adventure capital of the world. Queenstown, New Zealand - the adventure capital of the world. 09-Dec-2011 15:14. View at Picasa . AJ Hackett is the man that popularized bungee jumping in the 1980s. Inspired by.

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Bungy is an activity that has been exported as a great Kiwi pastime. Up there with Rugby Union and dagging sheep, jumping is a ritual that has helped New Zealand find a niche in international tourism Das Original Kawarau Bridge Bungy Jump in Queenstown zur Verfügung gestellt von AJ Hackett Bungy New Zealand. Das Original Kawarau Bridge Bungy Jump in Queenstown. Von: AJ Hackett Bungy New Zealand. 193 Bewertungen. Speichern . Senden. Unterstützen Sie diesen Veranstalter: Die Reise-Community macht momentan schwierige Zeiten durch. Sie können sich jedoch solidarisch zeigen und die Community. AJ Hackett Bookin

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On an epic trip through New Zealand to visit my sister we decided to head to Queenstown, this is where I would do the Nevis bungy jump in New Zealand. My Nevis Bungy Jump Experience. So just a few background details, we headed to Australia back in 2008 and we went sky diving. You may be thinking this girl is a daredevil, but trust me it is. Bungy jump in New Zealand Just with all bucket list experiences, once the idea gets under your skin then it's never going away until after a darn good scratch and if you feel the need to allow your body to fall from 400 metres up before being catapulted back into the air then read on as bungy jumping in New Zealand is definitely for you For a true Kiwi experience in New Zealand's North Island head to the Auckland Bridge for an exhilarating bungy jump!With views over Auckland city, Waitemata Harbour, the Sky Tower and the city skyline this will get your blood pumping. The Auckland Bridge Bungy Jump is the only Bungy in New Zealand to offer an Ocean Touch! You can also check out Sky Jump from Auckland's Sky Tower Bungy jump, New Zealand - kaufen Sie dieses Foto und finden Sie ähnliche Bilder auf Adobe Stoc

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  5. Taupo Bungy & Swing - Book Now! AJ Hackett Bungy
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  1. A guide to bungee jumping & skydiving in New Zealand
  2. Taupo Bungy - 47m Bungy Jump AJ Hackett Bungy
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Five seriously scary adrenaline experiences in New ZealandAJ Hacket - Bungy Jumping Queenstown, New Zealand - YouTubeBungy Jumping Party! Behind The Scenes in New ZealandAdventure Attractions in New ZealandTop 10 Bungee Jumps In The WorldThe Best 5 Bungee Jumps in the World | One Step 4Ward
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